5 Safety Tips to Get Spring and Summer Pet Travel Season Ready

5 Safety Tips to Get Spring and Summer Pet Travel Season Ready

There is a lot to do preparing for a trip with your pet and we want to provide you with some tips to ensure their safety!      Tip #1: Know Your Pet’s Health If you are making plans to travel with your cat, dog or any other pet that can fit in a crate/carrier, it is important to make sure that you get their health checked ...

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National Pet First Aid Awareness Month

National Pet First Aid Awareness Month

April is National Pet First Aid Awareness Month, and this is a great time for Pet Parents to create a kit, purchase a kit or restock the one they have.These kits will have several opportunities to be of use such as an accident around the house, an accident on vacation, an accident going on a walk.The more active your pet is, their odds increase wit...

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Service Dog on Greyhound Buses


There are several bus companies that travel all over the United States.But there is only one Greyhound Bus! Years ago, families depended on a Greyhound busto take them coast to coast on vacation andthat same dependability is still true today. Greyhound buses are a great form of travel, but if you are a family looking to travel with your pet, Greyho...

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All Aboard! Cats and Dogs Can Travel on Amtrak

All Aboard! Cats and Dogs Can Travel on Amtrak

The overall rules for pets (both cats and dogs) are dogs and cats up to 20 pounds (combined weight of pet and carrier) are welcome on trips up to seven hours on most routes (some restrictions apply) for a small fee. While pets are not permitted on Thruway Service Connections or in checked baggage, service animals are allowed on all trains. But if y...

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Can My Cat or Dog Go on a Cruise with Me? They sure can!

Photo courtesy of Cunard Cruise Line Photo courtesy of Cunard Cruise Line

I heard this rumor on our When Pets Fly Instagram feed that there is a cruise line that allows cats and dogs on their ships. So, I had to investigate this matter and… the rumor is true! Pet Parents, let me introduce you to Cunard Cruise Line. They are the only cruise line in the world that allows pets and will allow cats and dogs of any size to joi...

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Meet Gayle Martz of The Original SHERPA Bag


If there was ever a perfect real-life example of "Necessity is the Mother of Invention" it would be about The Original SHERPA Bag and its creator Gayle Martz.Imagine, it was back in the 70's when Ms. Martz was an Airline Hostess (what they called it back then but is known as a Flight Attendant today) with TWA (Trans World Airlines, an airline that ...

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2022 Clear the Shelters is Back

It's August and it's time for Clear the Shelters!This national campaign gives all the warm feels as you not only get to bring home your Fur Child, but you assist in a campaign of getting every animal in the rescue adopted.Yes, doing your part has double the rewards. NBC and Telemundo owned, and affiliated stations will partner with local animal she...

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Are you up to date on Pet Airline Policy?

Pet Airline Policy

With so many things on the list of things to do prior to planning a flight with your pet, make sure that you check out the airline's policy on pets prior to booking.These rules may have changed since the world has opened back up and everyone is flying.So, make sure to check before booking so that your pet doesn't get left behind. These articles wil...

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How to know if my pets’ travel crate is too small?

Travel crate

Did you know if a dog or cat can't stand-up and turn-around, their travel crate is too small. During shipping, the animals are to be confined in containers that must allow for normal habits and freedom of movement. The animal must be able to sit and stand up in a natural position with its head erect, have enough space to turn about normally while s...

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Why are snub-nosed breeds banned to travel via cargo?

Why are snub-nosed breeds

Unlike people, dogs and cats breathe with open mouth when overheated, because they can't sweat like humans. Snub-nosed dogs or cats have condensed facial structures which impacts their ability to breathe normally, and during air travel these features impairs their ability to cool themselves off and makes them vulnerable to heat stroke. The Embargoe...

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Fear Free Happy Homes Interviews Dr Nelva Bryant of When Pets Fly


Pet Parents and Pet Professionals from all over the world reach out to Dr Bryant of When Pets Fly on a daily basis to get tips, information and guidance on what are the best things to do when traveling with a pet. Known as "The Pet Travel Expert", she enjoys sharing her knowledge because she knows it is being used to help animals travel safe and ha...

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Vet Candy Interviews Dr Nelva Bryant of When Pets Fly


Vet Candy a fresh resource for Veterinarians reached out to Dr Nelva Bryant of When Pets Fly in September 2020 to interview her about the unique approach to service animals in this industry. Recognized as "The Pet Travel Expert", Dr Bryant is often contacted to consult, provide tips and guidance a to best practices with animals flying. You can read...

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Emotional Support Animals and Airlines Don’t Get Along Any More


In 2020 when the regulations came out that Emotional Support Animals are not getting the same treatment as Service Dogs, it caused a lot of resentment and stink in the pet community. But our friends at Fear Free Happy Homes turned to Dr Nelva Bryant of When Pets Fly to clarify a few things with their readers in an interview. Here is the conversatio...

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Service Dog Flying Rule Made Official: DOT Rules Out Emotional Support Animals


This regulation from the Department of Transportation (DOT) came down in December 2020 and continues too today. But it is still something that many don't know, and we want to be sure you understand the rules of what you can and cannot do. This new rule allows the airlines to distinguish between a service dog and emotional support animal as well as ...

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Tips to keep your pets safe during 4th of July festivities!


Be sure your pet is wearing an up-to-date and visible ID tag and take a current photo.Create a comfortable and safe space for your pet to go during fireworkUse play or food toys to keep the pet busy throughout the day and night.Keep your curious cats and canines away from fireworks, sparklers, and glow sticks.Remind your guests that your pet should...

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Let Me Introduce you to Pet Advocacy Network


As a fellow Pet Parent, I know that we all do our best to raise happy, healthy Pet Kids. The industry has changed through the years to keep up with the high demand of doing better and providing better quality products and services. But what I am most excited about is the shift in perception about pets; from being seen as property to now being cared...

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Interview: Meet Dr. Adam Christman


We like to think that all veterinarians are angels sent to earth to take care of our pets, but like with anything, some of them just happen to be among our favorites and that is why we want to introduce you to our friend, author, coach, Weiner Dad, Social Media Influencer and esteem colleague, Dr Adam Christman of the DVM360 (A Dr Adam Christman Br...

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Tips to Bringing Your Pet on Vacation


It is summertime and the world is opening back up and open to the thought of travel. Many of us even bring our pet companions along for the ride. This is a great article from our friends at The Northern Kentucky Tribune that speaks to just that notion with some great tips. Over half of owners consider their pets when making vacation plans; tips for...

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