Breed Report: Air Travel Tips for Transporting Reptiles via Cargo

Breed Report: Air Travel Tips for Transporting Reptiles via Cargo

When transporting reptiles via cargo, you must determine the following: What are the reptile transportation regulations for the destination state or country?What airlines allow the transport of reptiles via cargo?What are the shipping container requirements for your reptile? Reptiles are fairly easy to maintain as pets, thus pet owners often obtain...

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The Breed Report: Flying with a Long Body Dog


A great example of a dog with a long body is the Basset Hound and as you can imagine, you have to pay attention to make sure you have the correct size crate for them. Basset Hounds are NOT on the list of restricted breeds (i.e., brachycephalic breeds) for transport via cargo and are not listed by DOT as being prone to death during transport via car...

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The Breed Report: Air Travel Tips for Transporting a Pet Bird In Cargo

Transporting a Pet Bird In Cargo

So, you want your pet bird(s) to travel in cargo? Well, believe it or not, the process and procedures are like preparing a pet dog or cat for transport in cargo. The pet owner must ensure that their pet bird meets the entry requirements of the destination state/country AND comply with the live animal policies of the airline. If traveling in cargo d...

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The Breed Report: Traveling on a Plane with a Chinese Crested Dog, Sphinx Cat, Mexican Hairless Dog, American Hairless Terrier or Any of the Other Hairless Breeds


Do you have a Chinese Crested, Sphinx, Mexican Hairless Dog, American Hairless Terrier or any of the other hairless breeds?Let me share tips to prepare them for air travel via cargo. No matter what breed of dog or cat you may have, making efforts to ensure your pet is prepared and safe during air travel are paramount. Each breed will have commonali...

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Animal Emergency Preparedness and Evacuation Planning


There are several natural disaster seasons that are scary and dangerous for man and beasts. But as long as we make plans and prepare for them, we all can make it to safety. Whether you live in an area that is prone to floods, fire, hurricanes or tornados, 1) create an Emergency Kit, 2) Make a plan of Evacuation and 3) Be Informed as to what is avai...

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Anxiety and Pet Travel: What are the causes of anxiety? How can we relieve anxiety related to pet travel?


Anxiety is a reaction to stressful, or unfamiliar situations which occurs in people and pets (dogs/cats). We all experience anxiety from time to time, in response to anything new or unfamiliar. During air travel, dogs and cats are exposed to an unfamiliar environment with new people, unusual sounds and smells, and varying temperatures and lighting....

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Preparation for Air Travel with your Cat

Preparation for Air Travel with your Cat

When Pets Fly often receives questions regarding traveling with cats. There are multiple steps, however in this article we will focus on getting your cat acclimated to confinement in its travel crate or soft-sided carrier. Cats are very sensitive. Any changes to the normal home environment can cause stress.The simple act of putting out their travel...

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Why are snub-nosed breeds banned to travel via cargo?

Why are snub-nosed breeds

Unlike people, dogs and cats breathe with open mouth when overheated, because they can't sweat like humans. Snub-nosed dogs or cats have condensed facial structures which impacts their ability to breathe normally, and during air travel these features impairs their ability to cool themselves off and makes them vulnerable to heat stroke. The Embargoe...

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How to know if my pets’ travel crate is too small?

Travel crate

Did you know if a dog or cat can't stand-up and turn-around, their travel crate is too small. During shipping, the animals are to be confined in containers that must allow for normal habits and freedom of movement. The animal must be able to sit and stand up in a natural position with its head erect, have enough space to turn about normally while s...

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Are all pet crates the same?


You've seen the pet crates. They're used to house train dogs, or for quick trips to the veterinary hospital or clinic for cats. Some are made for quick assembly or to be able to get your pet inside without too much of a fight. Are all crates the same? No! Crates used for air travel as checked baggage or via cargo must be made of a rigid material (p...

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What should you do if your pet gets ill while you both are away on vacation?

What should you do if your pet gets ill while you both are away on vacation?

Not a good thought to consider, but you don't want to wait until something happens and then search for a local veterinarian. Just in case, it's better to be prepared prior to leaving for vacation. Locally in the US, you could search for veterinarians via sites, such as: AAHA-accredited hospital locatorFind Local VeterinariansFind a Veterinarian Nea...

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Traveling Basic Needs- What to consider for your pet?

Traveling Basic Needs- What to consider for your pet?

Your pet has basic needs, just like you. We all require food, water, and shelter. When traveling in the US or internationally, we have the expectation that we, as people, will have our needs met at the destination. There will be hotel accommodations, plenty of restaurants to choose, and you can have your beverage of choice. However, when traveling ...

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Service Dog Flying Rule Made Official: DOT Rules Out Emotional Support Animals

Service Dog Flying Rule Made Official: DOT Rules Out Emotional Support Animals

You love your dog or cat and cannot imagine being without them. So, when you travel for vacation, to visit family, or just because, you want them to be with you. Now that you have decided on the destination and that you want your dog or cat to travel with you, lets discuss how to prepare your pet for travel.

Do you know, if you do not meet the requirements for travel by the airline, your pet may not be able to go with you. Also, if you do not meet the pet entry requirements of the destination state (i.e., Hawaii) or country, your pet could be denied entry and required to be returned to the state/country of origin or placed into mandatory quarantine. Be aware, this will be at your expense!

Don't risk it, here are steps to prepare:

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Can My Cat or Dog Go on a Cruise with Me? They sure can!

Can My Cat or Dog Go on a Cruise with Me?  They sure can!

Well, we discussed the pet entry requirements of the destination country and the need to comply. However, we didn't address the significance. When you travel with your dog or cat to a different state or country, be aware that you are travelling to a "new land". This "new land" is governed by another state or country. Each will have their own regulations in place to prevent the entry of infectious diseases transmitted by dogs or cats. The entry requirements will vary-some will be lax, and others will be extremely detailed. So…never assume that the requirements are the same.

Something else to consider when you travel to a "new land". You are potentially exposing your dog or cat to "new" infectious diseases that are not common in your origin state or country. Unfortunately, data is not available regarding the common diseases of dogs or cats by state or country. However, let's consider how diseases are transmitted to dogs or cats. The most common diseases are transmitted via:

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