When Pets Fly was created as a resource to help keep your pet safe during travel. Please be sure to check back soon to view our latest resources for pets-friendly (and pet-safe) travel.

Travel Preparations

When transporting reptiles via cargo, you must determine the following: What are the reptile transportation regulations for the destination state or country?What airlines allow the transport of reptiles via cargo?What are the shipping container requirements for your reptile? Reptiles are fairly easy to maintain as pets, thus pet owners often obtain a pet snake, lizard, or turtle. Reptiles that are native to the US, are considered wild animals; wh...

Travel Requirements and Flight Regulations

Certain dog and cat breeds are prohibited for transport via cargo by most airlines. For it's been determined by reviewing the Department of Transportation (DOT) Animal Incident Reports that certain breeds of dogs are more prone to death during transport in cargo. Back in 2010, the DOT published a press release due to the increasing numbers of deaths in short-nosed breeds during transport.The press release mentioned the following breeds: PugsBosto...

Traveling with a Service Dog

by Steven L May, CVJ, VRCE We want to thank our friend, Steven L May, CVJ, VRCE for writing this incredible article about service dogs.We appreciate him and his work in our industry. Having a Disability Service Working Canine (DSWC), distinct from Emotional Service Dogs (ESDs), can profoundly impact one's emotional, psychological, and mental well-being, especially within the demanding field of veterinary medicine. Over a 44-year career, where the...


April is National Pet First Aid Awareness Month, and this is a great time for Pet Parents to create a kit, purchase a kit or restock the one they have.These kits will have several opportunities to be of use such as an accident around the house, an accident on vacation, an accident going on a walk.The more active your pet is, their odds increase with needing you to use a first aid kit.Depending on your pet that you have, you should get items that ...

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