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If there was ever a perfect real-life example of "Necessity is the Mother of Invention" it would be about The Original SHERPA Bag and its creator Gayle Martz.Imagine, it was back in the 70's when Ms. Martz was an Airline Hostess (what they called it back then but is known as a Flight Attendant today) with TWA (Trans World Airlines, an airline that doesn't exist anymore).A woman who loved to travel and wanted to take her best friend and fur-child, Lhasa Apso SHERPA, on flights with her found out that NONE of the airlines allowed pets to fly inside an aircraft cabin, not even her employer, TWA.

Where most people would have been upset, even complained to Customer Service, Ms. Martz went above and beyond for her pet and pets around the world and changed history!That's right, the option to have your pet accompany you in-cabin on a flight is all because of Ms. Martz!

What did she do, you ask?Well, let me tell you, she challenged the airline industry, she created policy and procedures/regulations for the airlines and most importantly, she created the soft-sided pet carrier category, with the SHERPA Bag being the first officially approved soft-sided pet carrier by major airlines. So, if you ask me, what did she do, I will say, she changed the world and started a revolution!

Without the help of the internet and social media, between the time of 1988 to 1994, Ms. Martz did it the old-fashioned way and had phone conversations, met face-to-face with each Airline Executive to explain her policy and offered the solution with the Original SHERPA Bag (named after her dog). Her first success was with American Airlines in 1990.Then she continued to each of the airlines one at a time.Finally in 1994, Delta was the last airline to change their policy.

The Original SHERPA Bag was designed with safety and comfort in mind for your pet.In addition to regular carriers, they have backpack carriers, expandable carriers and carriers with wheels.Now with the purchase of your Original SHERPA Bag, they have increased the Pet Parent Experience by creating their Guaranteed on Board program.You can simply sign up for the program on their website and connect with these participating airlines:

"As avid pet lovers and enthusiasts, Worldwise® wants to ensure that you and your pet travel comfortably and with peace of mind, so we have introduced Guaranteed on Board®. We have worked with major airlines to bring you this exciting program that will provide you with all of the information you need to ensure an easy, hassle-free trip with your pet.

The Guaranteed on Board® program outlines all of the steps you will need to take before traveling with your pet so you can be sure that your pet and its carrier are compliant with the airline rules and regulations. Should you be denied boarding due to your carrier, Worldwise will refund the cost of your airline flight and your pet airline travel fee – GUARANTEED!"

Would you believe, after she made a significant impact in the airline industry, she turned her knowledge to the automobile industry so that she could make the perfect travel bag for your car?I bet you are asking what was Ms. Martz's inspiration?What drove her to do this?I can honestly tell you, that it comes down to her being an Animal Advocate who passionately believes in the strength of the Human/Animal Bond.And that is why she is known as "The Pioneer of Traveling with a Pet."

So, I had to ask her, "What are you doing now and what are your plans for the future?"She simply replied, "As an 'Advocate for Pet Travel' and 'Educator for Pet Safety', I want to continue my work of informing pet parents about raising a happier, healthier pet.There is so much knowledge that I can share and that will ensure that more people will know the things I know and have access to the things I do.Because we all must make the world a safer place for our pets.Pet safety starts in the home.Pet safety includes the environment where they eat, sleep and play.Our pets are our children and just like a human child, we have to watch for the dangers that can be in the same place because we are their guardians."

Are you wondering what Ms. Martz is up to these days?You can find her speaking at pet events, she has written a fantastic book called "IT'S IN THE BAG" and she is keeping busy with her two minute video series, Travel Tails with SHERPA, on YouTube.It is a great cartoon of her dog, SHERPA, giving Pet Parents tips and advice on raising a happier, healthier pet.

So, no matter if you travel by plane a lot or not, any of the SHERPA products are the best quality products for you to get for your fur baby.And if you like to follow people who are enthusiastic about pets, then be sure to add Gayle Martz to your social media as a Pet Influencer to follow and learn from in this industry.

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