Nelva J, Bryant, DVM, MPH, The Pet Travel Expert

Dr Nelva Bryant is well known as


With a fervent passion for pet transportation, pet health and pet safety, as well as being the only practicing veterinarian in the airline industry, Dr Nelva Bryant is well known as “The Pet Travel Expert”. 

Dr Bryant began employment with Delta Air Lines, as the industry’s first in-house veterinarian, to review and revise policies related to the transportation of live animals.  This huge undertaking involves creating safe measures for animals traveling in-cabin, in-cargo and ever step in between arriving at the airport to loading on the plane. 

But most of you know Dr Nelva Bryant as the Owner and Creator of When Pets Fly, a trademarked company, to help educate Pet Parents, Pet Professionals, Veterinarians and anyone else that works in the animal transportation process, travel industry and government agencies about the importance of safe products and services supplied during transport.

Along her career pathway, Dr Bryant obtained a collection of unique skillsets. Her knowledge of veterinary pathology, infectious and zoonotic diseases, veterinary public health, CDC’s dog importation regulations, international and national animal transportation regulations, and airline live animal transportation policies has made her an expert in the field of animal transportation.  

As a consultant, she shares her observations at live and virtual veterinary conferences.  She also serves on numerous Councils and Advisory Boards.  Dr Bryant’s specialties are:

  1. International and Domestic Travel of Companion Animals
  2. CDC’s Dog Importation Regulations, Infectious and Zoonotic Diseases of Animals
  3. Veterinary Public Health and Animal Welfare
  4. Veterinary Consulting
  5. Preventive Veterinary Medicine

Dr Bryant is in constant demand to make speeches, write and review articles, as well as provide expert advice on pet travel transportation. 

Dr Bryant Continues to serve the Animal/Pet Community

American Humane - Governing Board Member

NationalAcademies of Practice Veterinary Medicine - Distinguished Practitioner Fellow
American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) - Ambassador
The Spruce Pets - Veterinary Review Board Member
Spot - Veterinary Review Board Member

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