Can My Cat or Dog Go on a Cruise with Me? They sure can!

Photo courtesy of Cunard Cruise Line Photo courtesy of Cunard Cruise Line
Photo courtesy of Cunard Cruise Line

I heard this rumor on our When Pets Fly Instagram feed that there is a cruise line that allows cats and dogs on their ships. So, I had to investigate this matter and… the rumor is true!

Pet Parents, let me introduce you to Cunard Cruise Line. They are the only cruise line in the world that allows pets and will allow cats and dogs of any size to join you on this trip. They have a program for Service Dogs, but that is not what we are discussing in this article.

Cunard Cruises sail around the world and have a lot to offer in ships and experiences. But if you want to include your furry friend, then you can only sail aboard the Queen Mary 2 on the non-stop, transatlantic trip from New York City to Southampton, England (a 7-night trip) or Hamburg, Germany (a 9-night trip).

The cost to bring a dog is $1,000/dog and the cost to bring your cat is $800/cat. They will stay in the kennel area which is located at the back of the ship. The Queen Mary 2 will provide the kennel, food, litter, bowls and bedding, everything they need to travel safely and comfortably. The Kennel Master will also allow you to provide your pet's personal items as well as food for the trip. There are visiting hours at the kennel area, and you have the option to take your pet out and walk them around the kennel area. Your pet is not allowed in your room or any other part of the ship.

So, if you love cruises and you want to take your pet to England or Germany, then you have to book your trip with Cunard. This popular ship books up quickly and there are only 24 kennels for cats and dogs available. Typically, they make reservations a year in advance, and it is easier to find availability coming from Europe to America.

Photo courtesy of Cunard Cruise Line

Cunard quote about the program-

"Your best friend can come too:

Even canine companions get the White Star treatment here- Queen Mary 2 is the only ship in the world to offer dedicated kennels at sea during her Transatlantic Crossings. There are 24 luxury kennels in total, as well as a play area and dedicated walking route (not to mention a traditional British lamppost and New York fire hydrant to ensure furry guests want for nothing during their aquatic ablutions)."

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