Dr Bryant Speaks

Where You Can Find Dr Nelva Bryant

Where You Can Find Dr Nelva Bryant
Dr Bryant loves animals, loves to educate Pet Parents but more importantly, loves to share advice on how to raise healthier, happier and safe pets.

If you are looking for a private meeting with the doctor, you can make a virtual appointment with your pet directly on her Calendar.

In additional to her website and her social media presence- Please LIKE and FOLLOW them- (IG, LI, TW, YT and FB Page), When Pets Fly has a private FB Group that is very active and communicates publicly and privately with Dr Bryant.  We want to invite you to join all of her social media to be a part of the discussion.

Dr Nelva Bryant makes lots of appearances for both Delta Airlines and When Pets Fly at conferences and seminars across the country, virtually and in person.  Dr Bryant does interviews and gives her advice to lots of news articles.  Here are some recent posts that you can catch up on:
7/15/24: DVM360 Cover Story - How to Prepare for Pet Cargo Travel

3/8/24: GAVet Spring Issue -
Being Medically Fit to Fly

11/13/23: GAVet Winter Issue -
What You Need to Know About Pet travel Crates

11/10/23: Family Pet Health -
Interview with Dr Nelva Bryant

5/22/23: Vet Life ReImagined
- When Pets Fly

4/5/23: The NY Times -
HELP! My dog was rejected by an airline because of a carrier rule that doesn't exist.

DVM360- What to Know Before You Go on a Plane with Pets

Spring 2023 Issue:
GA Veterinarian Medical Association: Pet Travel Health Certificates

January 2023 Issue:
Zoundz Music For Pets- Pet  Travel Health Certificates- Are they required?

November 2022 Issue
: Zoundz Music for Pets- Compliance with Airline Policies and Destination Requirements are Mandatory

9/16/22: The NY Times- How to Take Your Pet Along for the Ride (or Flight)

9/3/22: Vet Candy- How Dr Bryant is Powering up to Protect Pets

September 2022 Issue: Zoundz Music for Pets- Preparation for Air Travel with your Cat

8/18/22: B’s and Queens with Caitlyn Palmer- Don’t Fly Without These Tips

6/28/22: Fear Free Happy Homes- Have Dog, Will Travel: Tips for Flights

5/12/22: American Pet Professionals “Digging in the Pet Industry”- When Pets Fly Interview

5/7/22: The Spruce Pets- Introducing Dr. Nelva J. Bryant, DVM, MPH

If you want to request Dr Bryant to speak and/or make an appearance at your Seminar or Event (Live or Virtual) or if you want to interview Dr Bryant, please send your request to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

FB Live with Dr Nelva Bryant

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