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We like to think that all veterinarians are angels sent to earth to take care of our pets, but like with anything, some of them just happen to be among our favorites and that is why we want to introduce you to our friend, author, coach, Weiner Dad, Social Media Influencer and esteem colleague, Dr Adam Christman of the DVM360 (A Dr Adam Christman Brand) franchise. He, just like Dr Bryant, are all about empowering the Pet Parent with education, tips and anything else that we can provide that helps you raise a healthier, happier pet.

Dr Christman has turned his name into an established brand that represents excellence in his field. He is sought after by major corporations, by pet charities and fellow veterinarians to get his advice, to learn from his conferences and to have him speak about best practices. His website,, is under reconstruction and will go live soon.

His DVM360 Magazine publication has over 65,000 readers and stands as the oldest publication in the industry. His dvm360 Live!™, which launched April 6, 2022, "is an all-new web-based talk show for veterinary professionals. This magazine-style talk show, hosted by Dr Adam Christman, DVM, MBA on Facebook will blend clinical conversations with uplifting lifestyle stories featuring insightful guests and advocates from the animal health community, expert opinions, and a clinical focus for each episode." The Vet Blast Podcast (A Dr Adam Christman Brand) is another form of communication on his DVM360 platform where Dr Christman speaks with his colleagues about the industry, the services and products they offer that is changing the game. Fetch DVM360 Conferences are a yearlong schedule of conferences around the country that Dr Christman organizes annually with pet industry leaders to create a fascinating, enlightening, educational opportunity for veterinarians and other pet industry professionals.

In addition to making sure that Pet Parents understand what they need to raise their pets right, he is also an advocate for sharing the benefits of pets having health insurance and DNA diagnostics testing.

Pet Insurance should be a no brainer because if you think of it logically, we get car insurance and medical insurance to be our safety blanket just in case we ever need it. The same thing is true for pet insurance. If you understand that you never want to go in the Emergency Room at the hospital without insurance, then you must understand you don't want to do it for your pet. Pet insurance will take care of most, if not all the cost. And besides emergencies, many insurances are a great asset with the cost of preventative and maintenance visits to your vet. When we asked if he could recommend any insurance, he did explain that no one can really answer that question because each are better in various locations, and some are more comprehensive than others. So, his recommendation is for you to do your research and discuss your options with your veterinarian as it pertains to the health of your pet.

The other important thing that he is a proponent for is DNA Diagnostic testing. You have a choice of letting your veterinarian do the test or you can order it from home on DNA Diagnostic Center site. This test is more than just knowing what breed your pet is, the test can help you understand your pet's health condition in its entirety. Are they predisposed to certain diseases? Do they have genetic mutations? These tests can help you get ahead of any situation if found in time.

With all the wonderful things Dr Christman is doing right now, would you believe he has made room to do even more? Yes, I couldn't believe it and he is letting us announce it first!! This is where you can find him next:

First: DogTV Pet Parent Education Video

This gem in the pet industry was started by Dog People for dogs everywhere! They are "a unique streaming service for dogs, designed to alleviate stress and anxiety throughout the day." They are "an entertainment brand, a pet brand, and a wellness brand, all in one." You will be able to find a Pet Parent Education video on this channel with Dr Christman, very soon.

After sharing all this exciting news, I asked him, "Do you have time to see patients?" And surprisingly, he replied, "Yes I do." He sees his patients in shelters located in NJ because he enjoys shelter medicine.

I enjoyed getting to know Dr Christman and look forward to following him on all his social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube) and we hope you do too.

Second: Home Again Microchipping Ad July 2022

Summertime is here which means bar-b-q and holiday fireworks. Pet Parents are aware how scared their Fur Child gets during this time and we all have diverse ways that help them to calm down. But sometimes our dogs and cats run away and do not make it back home. Microchipping was created to help with this situation and the worst time of year that pets get lost is during the 4th of July Celebration.

Merck Pharmaceuticals and Dr Adam Christman have teamed up to support Home Again Microchipping in an ad campaign to remind us of this problem and they promote Home Again Microchipping as the solution. So, if you haven't yet, prepare your pet for the big bang and look out for this entertaining ad with Dr Christman.

Third: Annual AVMA Conference in Philadelphia July 29th

This is the "Grand Daddy" of veterinarian medicine conferences, and they booked Dr Christman as one of their speakers! His presentations are enthusiastic, informative and entertaining. So needless to say, his session will be packed with energy and standing room only!

Fourth: Super Zoo August 2022

There are lots of pet industry events that you can attend in one year. But the biggest and what many consider "the best" is Super Zoo. This event has education, products and services to cover all animals and everyone from Pet Parents to Pet Professionals. Everything you want is in one place. And this year, Dr Adam Christman is the Host of this major event!

Fifth: Fetch DVM360 Kansas City Conference 8/26-8/28

Just in case you were wondering which one of the next Fetch DVM 360 conferences Dr Christman would appear next? We have the answer! You can see him speak at the conference in Kansas City.

So now that you know about the veterinarian that enjoys being out with everyone, from Pet Parents to Pet Professionals, what are you going to do to catch up with him and follow his journey?

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